We are a family owned and operated scuba diving charter boat located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We offer recreational and technical dive charters, as well as rEvo Rebreather sales, and a full array of technical and rebreather training.

Our regular charters include trips to recreational and technical dive sites, as well as specific charters for wrecks, scalloping, lobstering, photography or whatever you like! Cape Ann and Massachusetts Bay have many fantastic dive sites within a short boat ride from the marina, and some of the best diving in the world!

Diving in New England is amazing, but we also know that sometimes it can be difficult, and challenging! With this in mind, we try to make up the difference with the service we provide our divers! From shucking your scallops, to post-dive snacks, we want to make your trip as fun and comfortable on the Daybreaker as possible.

We hope that we can make your trip pleasurable with friendly, safety orientated, and professional service. Worst case scenario, at least you get some fruit and cookies in the deal!

Dive safely, and hopefully we’ll see you out soon!

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