2018 Charter Fees:

– Regular 2 Tank Dives – $90.00

– 2 Tank Scallop Dives – $95.00

– Most Technical Dives – $90.00
– Special Trips, 3-tanks, Stellwagen Dives see schedule or call for a price!

2018 Departure Times:

– All morning (AM) charters load at 7:30AM and depart at 8:00AM
– All afternoon (PM) charters load at 12:30PM and depart at 1:00PM
– Night Dives vary on time of year, Captain will specify on confirmation
– Special Trips captain will specify on confirmation

Each charter is different (example: some technical dives need earlier starts) so the Captain will ultimately make the final call on departure time and the diver will know when confirming the dive.

Items You Need To Bring:

All dive gear, tanks, weight systems, certification card, if lobstering (lobster license, gauge, numbers for tank and any other legally required items needed for lobstering), weather appropriate clothing and money to pay for charter. We fly a dive flag on the boat and we leave it up to the individual divers to determine if the diving they are planning on doing would by dive flag rules require them to carry a dive flag themselves if so bring a dive flag. For any scallop dives we require each diver to carry a flag. If night diving you need to provide your own underwater light and recommended backup light. If you are prone to seasickness or are not sure you might want to take an appropriate remedy for it and follow the directions for whatever remedy you use most remedies require taking them couple of hours prior to getting on the boat. Check with your physician before taking anything you are not sure how it will affect you.

Technical Diving Policy:

For depths deeper than 200fsw you need an Advanced Trimix certification. This is due to insurance issues. You need the appropriate level of certification from a nationally recognized agency for the type and depth of dives scheduled. When there is a question about this call before scheduling your dive otherwise you will be responsible for your space if you show up not properly qualified/certified.

Reservation & Booking Policy:

If you have confirmed a charter you are responsible for payment of that charter. Even if you cannot get to the boat in time, do not like the scheduled weather, or have to cancel for any other reason you are responsible for the payment of the charter. If we cancel a charter you are not responsible for payment of that charter. All cancellation decisions are made as soon as possible but are usually made on the day of the charter an hour before scheduled charter time we reserve the right to make that decision. If you let us know you need to cancel a confirmed charter we will try to sell your charter after we have completed filling the available spots but if we cannot you are responsible for it.

As stated above once confirmed you are responsible for payment of that charter regardless of amount of time notice is given of a desire to cancel. We regularly have groups and individuals looking for specific charter dates/times that due to prior confirmed bookings are unable to take their booking(s). So when a confirmed booking is trying to cancel even with some notice it is often not possible to sell the space for the other interested parties have made other arrangements. Having been on both sides of this issue and as a diver/instructor having paid for many boat charters that groups and individuals I was making reservations for failed to pay me for I appreciate the pain/costs. However with such a limited season here in New England we need to keep our boat as full as possible of paying customers during the season so that we can afford and want to continue to operate this dive charter business. My suggestion to Group Leaders, Dive Instructors, and Dive Coordinators for Clubs is to not commit to a boat charter until you have enough of a deposit from your group to cover your charter commitment. If your interested divers want a spot on a charter you are trying to put together collect the fee up front. Within reason I have always tried to fill spots for divers that were confirmed but unable to make it. However if I cannot fill the vacant confirmed spots those divers are responsible for payment of those spots.

We offer the following types of regularly scheduled charters:

2 tank trips
3 tank trips
All-day trips
Technical Diving
Deep Diving
Night Dives
Photography & Video
Lobster Hunting
Seal Dives
Wall Dives
Pinnacle Dives
Beginner Sites
Training Dives
Marine Life
Historical Dives

Common Special Trips:

Isles of Shoals Seal Diving
Rhode Island Wreck Trips
Empire Knight Wreck (Maine)
Pinthis & Mars Wreck Trips
Stellwagen Bank Wrecks & Exploratory Dives