Report: Lobsters & Newcombs

8/23 PM

So after a rocky morning we were going to take it a bit easier with some lobstering. We headed out to a couple of our favorite spots though they were still a little bumpy with the Northeast wind. The bottom has been getting better for this type of diving because the red weed is starting to die off a little bit, making visability better for hunting. The water temperature is in the high 50s and into the 60s depending on the proximity to land.

8/24 AM
The morning brought us sidemounters, Alex from East Coast Divers, was running a class and so we headed off to the Southeast Breakers Wall. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. There is a mass of rock ledge that runs from Newcombs just about to Halfway Rock, which creates this massive rock wall covered in marine life. This particular spot though, is quite spectacular, the top is around 50′ and drops vertically to 105′. This is the site of an old navigational marker so the spot has a bunch of very large chain and mooring blocks at the base of the wall. I jumped in the water and did a swim on the base of the wall picking up a couple bugs along the way. On my ascent, I came across the sidemounters on the deco line and then we were off to the next site. The second site we chose was Newcombs as it was nearby and offers a great dive. After blowing some bubbles, we headed back to the marina.