Articles & Dive Reports

We hope you enjoy our articles andĀ reports! These reports are written by the Captains and Divers of the Daybreaker on a regular basis – check back often, and hear about some of the great diving that is happening in Cape Ann and around the world!

Report: Terra Nova (150′)

  We got out this morning for a great dive on a new wreck, the F/V Terra Nova. The Terra Nova was a commercial fishing vessel that sank in October of 2013, off of Gloucester Mass. The wreck sits in 150′ of water, and is broken in half, with the bow section standing upright, while […]

Report: Bone Wreck (180′)

August 25, 2014 Saturday morning we got out for the usual AM wreck dive with Danny Allen, Jack Ahern, Jim Cooney, Ian Pitt and Myself. Conditions on the surface were pretty sporty, and the Bone Wreck is an hour and forty five minutes out of Gloucester, so we took a beating getting out there, but […]

Report: Lobsters & Newcombs

8/23 PM So after a rocky morning we were going to take it a bit easier with some lobstering. We headed out to a couple of our favorite spots though they were still a little bumpy with the Northeast wind. The bottom has been getting better for this type of diving because the red weed […]

Report: Lightship & Quoddy Bay

8/15 On Friday morning we loaded up for a quick trip out to the Lightship. Mike and Greg were destined for a weekend of NJ diving so we wanted to make sure to get them back early and the Lightship is one of the closer 180′ wrecks in the area for us. Since we had […]

Report: USS YF-415 (230′)

Saturday morning we got out early headed to dive the USS YF415. The YF 415 was a US Navy Freight Lighter commissioned in 1943, and sunk only 8 months later in 1944. On May 10, 1944 the YF-415 was loaded with several hundred tons of munitions at Hingham, and was disposing of them in deep […]

Report: Wrecks & Lobsters

8/1 Friday PM So August is here and we had a good line up for the weekend. Friday we headed out to the “Pug” (New York Central) for a dive. We had an easy trip out and got the divers in the water and the wind started blowing more.. The divers came back with good […]

Report: Exploration & Scallops

Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend! Lots of great diving leading up to the weekend, plus of course the wedding of the year on Saturday afternoon! On Thursday a few of us got out to do some exploration – not much to say about that šŸ˜‰ but we are always looking […]