Report: Terra Nova (150′)

Terra Nova terra-nova-6


We got out this morning for a great dive on a new wreck, the F/V Terra Nova. The Terra Nova was a commercial fishing vessel that sank in October of 2013, off of Gloucester Mass. The wreck sits in 150′ of water, and is broken in half, with the bow section standing upright, while the stern is mostly upright, but leaning to starboard. It was an active commercial fishing vessel, so there is a lot of equipment, gear and debris on the wreck, as well as ghost lines and electrical cord all over the place.

We got out to the wreck nice and early, and splashed for a quicky dive – the bottom temp was 45-degrees, so we kept it at around a half-hour bottom time, with about 20 minutes of deco, which is starting to warm up a bit! There was a ripping current through the whole water column, including on the wreck, but it was a great dive, with excellent mid-water vis upwards of 40′, and about 20′ of vis on the bottom, with lots of ambient light. It’s a great new wreck for divers to explore, and at an ideal depth for entry-level technical divers to really poke around and explore some new stuff.

Dive safe as the water continues to warm up, have fun, and don’t forget to check out our schedule for upcoming charters!

Dive safe,

Mike P.