Report: Wrecks & Lobsters

8/1 Friday PM

So August is here and we had a good line up for the weekend. Friday we headed out to the “Pug” (New York Central) for a dive. We had an easy trip out and got the divers in the water and the wind started blowing more.. The divers came back with good reports of the wreck. Viz was 15-20 feet. The wind had picked up and the ride back for a second dive on the poling was a little bumpy. Soon after we were back at the marina and cleaned up.
8/2 Saturday
We loaded up for dive to the Lightship in the morning. Marissa and I had spent the previous night going through gear and putting our ccrs back together so we figured this was a nice re-introduction to our home waters. There was a decent cloud cover so the wreck was much darker than normal and visibility wasn’t stellar but it was still fun. The lightship is a fun little wreck and easy to navigate but extra caution has to be paid attention to the netting on the bow as two separate nets are floating 10-15′ high off the deck.
The afternoon trip we headed out lobstering with the usual group. My Dad (Fran) jumped in as well to see what he could do. The visibility seems to be clouded with an algae bloom of some sort but the red-weed has been depleted by the urchins. Everyone did fairly well with the Lobsters and some scallops were found as well. A good afternoon.
8/3 Sunday

The morning we were headed out for a double dip on the Chester Poling. We had a mix of some recreational and technical divers aboard. The poling is usually a great place for both since some were finishing up classes and some were just diving for fun. Congratulations to  Lewis Evans finishing up his trimix class with Mark Bowers.
The afternoon we had some divers in an advanced open water class and a couple just for fun. Once we motored out, we got the sidemounters, Wendy and Mike, in at Burnham Rock and helped out the class get geared up and in the water. The second dive was on the poling which is a popular dive for this class.
So this coming weekend, Marissa and I should be back up to speed with our cold water gear and hopefully I’ll have some stuff to post from our trip in a month.