Today, in 2015, there are many different rebreather manufacturers in the world producing high-quality rebreathers and everyone will tell you that their own units are the best that are available. You’d expect that though wouldn’t you?

The look of the rEvo is different from most other rebreathers and that is because it uses two carbon dioxide canisters instead of one. The benefit of using two canisters is a topic in it’s own right, but increases sorb efficiency, reduces waste, and decreases the chance of total CO2 breakthrough.

The rEvo is the result of many years of design, engineering and testing before it ever came to market. Today, the rEvo is the most versatile closed circuit rebreather platform available, with options and configurations for every type of diving. rEvo’s are available in manual (constant mass flow) or hybrid configurations, with the RMS (rEvo Monitoring System) or without it. You can get a standard sized unit, a mini, or a micro, in stainless steel or titanium. You can utilize a combination of rEvo’s proprietary rEvoDream P5 PPO2 Monitors and HUD’s, Shearwater Controllers, monitors and HUD’s, and even the new Shearwater NERD Near Eye Remote Display HUD Controller.

Paul Raymeakers, the founder, owner and designer of the rEvo doesn’t just produce rEvo rebreathers – he is also an avid diver of them. Unlike many other manufacturers, when there is a chance of a rEvo being used in a record breaking dive, Paul doesn’t expect some other diver to attempt it, he goes himself on his own rebreather that he designed and manufactured. He is supremely confident in his product and this was apparent when he took a standard rEvo to a depth of 695′ in Dec 2009.

Paul is not simply a manufacturer who just wants to sell units, you can always contact him with any questions, problems or suggestions and he always replies. It’s a really big factor for many divers who have trusted their lives to a rEvo rebreather.

Want to learn more?

Capt. Matt is a rEvo Trimix Instructor, and would be happy to help answer any questions you have – we have an extensive collection of information on the website, as well as photos, videos, class requirements and more. If you have questions, or would like a quote on a specific rEvo configuration, or to inquire about a class, contact us today!