The Daybreaker is a 31ft 9″ BHM downeast type hull with upper and lower steering stations with full electronics. The forward area has 4 bunks, enclosed head (toilet), hot and cold running water, heated forward area and main cabin area.

dive_vessel_daybreaker_dive_charter_gloucesterThe cockpit and deck area is designed for demanding northeast diving conditions and all of the gear that accompanies the diving we love!¬†Each bench can hold three complete¬†technical setups, including doubles or rebreathers, or, six single tanks, and any other typical gear, as well as any coolers, catch gear, stage bottles, deco bottles and scooters. Always feel free to ask if your not sure, but chances are we’ve seen it and can accommodate your gear.

There is always water, a variety of soda, assorted cookies on board. On “special” trips lunch is provided, usually sandwiches, chips, salads.

Items you need to bring on your trip: All dive gear, tanks, weight systems, certification card, if lobstering (lobster license, gauge, numbers for tank and any other legally required items needed for lobstering), weather appropriate clothing and money to pay for charter! We accept cash and checks.

We fly a dive flag on the boat and we leave it up to the individual divers to determine if the diving they are planning on doing would by dive flag rules require them to carry a dive flag themselves if so bring a dive flag. For any scallop dives we require each diver to carry a flag. If night diving you need to provide your own underwater light and recommended backup light. If you are prone to seasickness or are not sure you might want to take an appropriate remedy for it and follow the directions for whatever remedy you use most remedies require taking them couple of hours prior to getting on the boat. Check with your physician before taking anything you are not sure how it will affect you.

For more information specifics to charters, and for current pricing, visit our charters area!