The single best investment you can make in your diving is quality training

Taking classes is easy – but finding and learning from a good quality instructor-mentor takes time, effort, dedication and commitment. Unlike some shops and insgtructors, we are not interested in turning out huge numbers of students who have simply met minimum training standards. Our goal is to train, mentor and equip small numbers of high quality divers who are interested in challenging themselves, improving their skills, and becoming better, safer and more proficient technical divers.

With the commercialized atmosphere of the dive industry, many training standards are all too often watered down to the lowest possible level in an effort to maximize profits and certification numbers – you won’t find that here! You aren’t guaranteed to pass a course, and you won’t get dragged through it – but if you commit yourself to learn, and dedicate your time and energy to exceeding the requirements of the class, the end result will be that you’ll find yourself to be a more confident, more experienced, and ultimately safer diver.

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You can learn about individual courses here – or review information on JJ-CCR Rebreathers or rEvo Rebreathers.