Report: Lightship & Quoddy Bay


On Friday morning we loaded up for a quick trip out to the Lightship. Mike and Greg were destined for a weekend of NJ diving so we wanted to make sure to get them back early and the Lightship is one of the closer 180′ wrecks in the area for us. Since we had a lighter boat and Capt. Fran was driving, Marissa and I jumped in as well. The top 30′ has a thick layer of algae or something which made the top viz poor and the wreck dark but relatively clear. After bumming around the wreck for a bit we headed back up the line and cruised back to the marina.
The afternoon we headed down to Salem for some scalloping with a few guys. Capt. Fran jumped in as he can’t pass up any scallop dives despite the fact head doesn’t eat any. After loosing his pelican (which we recovered top-side), Capt. Fran was forced to use a lift bag for the bags of scallops he gathered. The second site we headed to was far less productive and seemed very picked over, so no one did spectacular. Over all everyone had a good afternoon and scallops were taken home.
Saturday morning brought us to the Quoddy Bay. The Quoddy Bay is a 70′ fishing vessel in 215′ a few miles out from the breakwall. The seas were pretty mixed as the wind was blowing but were variable so a short run out to here was nice. Reports were the wreck was dark but clear. As usual there is a fair amount of mono line on the wreck to be aware of.
We ended up going to Saturday Night Ledge in the afternoon for a double dip. Marissa jumped in with the rest of the divers to visit her anchors. There was tons of life and a lot of schooling fish in and around the trench. Wendy and I played bubble watchers and helped the divers back aboard.
Sunday we were going to the Chester Poling and Paddock rock. I brought my stuff so I could jump in and dive with Todd. After the short run out we geared up and jumped in. We did a little tour inside and proceeded outside. The visibility was good, probably 30′ and was light. I was able to find a few pipe stems just off the wreck. After the surface interval, we jumped in at Paddock rock, which was pretty warm but the visibility wasn’t as nice. After some fruit and cookies we headed back in.
We had a bunch of lobster hunters on the afternoon and motored up to the Salvages for our first dive. The tide wasn’t perfect for the salvages as the tidal current can be strong but they all wanted to dive the site anyway. Everyone who was hunting did very well and we headed further north for the second dive. The cemetery is a popular beach dive outside of Folly cove which can be a good bug spot on occasion. (It is also a disturbing nude-beach). The second dive wasn’t as productive but we finished up with a trip down the Annisquam river which is always scenic and a great way to finish a trip.